Sunday, September 25, 2011

Something I Love Doing or Learning About - Teacher 2.0

Action 3 - Now write down something(s) you love doing or something(s) you love learning about.
Some questions to ponder:
  • Why these are so valuable to you in your life?
  • Do you spend as much time as you need to focusing on your passions?
  • Do your students/children know what your passions are?
  • Do you know what your students’/children’s passions are?
  • How are passions and talents different? Do they need to be the same?
Hmm! Love doing things with family, and love reading.  But those aside I suppose I have two passions that I love doing and learning about - IT, especially as it relates to education, and Family History. Both are also inter-related as most of my family research is now done using technology that wasn't available when I began my ancestor search.
Each of these passions (family, reading, IT and Family History) are valuable in my life for different reasons.  All involve some sort of relaxation, although the latter two can often be frustrating!  As a passionate educator - now retired due to ill-health - I spent many of my working years as a curriculum consultant.  I was fortunate that part of that role involved opportunities to learn from a whole raft of 'experts'.  I used to soak up those experiences.  I like to regard myself as a life-long learner.  So anything that helps me continue the learning process is valuable to me.  I need something to keep my brain active now I am no longer working - learning new uses for IT helps with that.  So does reading, and the search for family history definitely does.
I'm in the fortunate position of having ample time to devote to my passions since I've had to give up work.
As I don't have students any more I'd have to say that my own (adult) children, and my friends and colleagues are aware of my Family History and IT passions.
Yes, I do know what my daughter's passions are - IT, drama, reading.  I could also list the passions of my step-son and step-daughter, and my grandchildren, although some of the grandchildren are less obvious these days.
Passions and talents are very often one and the same, but I believe you can have one without the other.  For instance, someone may have a passion for Classical Music, but can't play a note.  Likewise, someone may be very talented artist, but not really have a passion for creating works of art.  Someone with a passion for cooking, but not much talent, could improve their talents by taking lessons or otherwise learning all they can about cooking.  So, they aren't mutually exclusive, but I think it does help if someone has passion combined with talent.

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