Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh Bugger!

Just came home from a birthday dinner with Mum and Jim, Susan and Marty at the Swanny Pub. An expensive evening – we were hit by a kangaroo on the way home! A great thump, but when we got home and I got out of the car there didn’t appear to be any damage. But when Bill looked at it with the torch the rear passenger door is whacked in, and the paintwork scratched! He says about $500 worth to repair. I’ll bet it even more than that. Might be worth claiming on insurance – then we’ll only have to pay the excess, and I think our no-claim bonus is safe. If not we’ll just have to pay for the repair.

Other than that hiccup we had a good night. Susan and Marty gave me a lovely purple and silver scarf and a glittery owl brooch. Mum and Jim gave me a hellebore plant and a lovely owl pendant. Also a scratchy that won $20.

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