Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moved From WordPress

Well, I've given WordPress the boot.  I seemed to have lost the controls until I logged in which I had to do every time by attempting to make a comment on my own post.  So the other day I copied it all over to a new blog on Blogger.  I liked the look of the WordPress blog, but it was just too fiddly to operate.
I've had fun and games getting everything transferred over from my 'old' laptop to the new one. Used the file transfer cable initially, and it seemed to copy all my data files.  Trouble was, it only copied the folders - they were all empty!  So, on second attempt when we got back from holidays I tried again and this time it worked.  But I hadn't copied pictures yet as it was going to take too long to do everything in one go.  But then I discovered that Windows 7 has a built in file transfer program so I decided to use that to transfer the images.  Thought I had told it NOT to transfer Contacts as I'd already done that successfully. But for some reason it DID copy Contacts and in the process mucked them up.  Or rather, it mucked up my Profile in Outlook so that although the Contacts were there I couldn't see them in Outlook like I used to.  Internet searching seemed to indicate this was a common problem after using Windows Easy Transfer (WET).  But the suggested fixes didn't seem to work for me.  Add to that the fact that in the process of trying to resolve the issue I thought I had deleted the only copy of my Outlook .pst folder and I wasn't a happy camper!  Eventually I discovered that yes, I had made a new Profile, but I hadn't deleted the old one and was in fact still using it hence the problem wasn't going away.  Once I deleted the old Profile all was well again.  Only thing is that now for some reason I get a message every time Outlook opens to say that my reminders aren't working  but I can't work out how to solve that little annoyance.  So, be warned  don't use WET to transfer Outlook files between computers.  I did lose about two days worth of new emails during the kerfuffle, because when WET transferred the Outlook files when I didn't exdpect it to, it replaced the newer version of emails on my new PC with the older version from the old PC.
Another glitch - due just to the fact I transferred the files, regardless of the method, was that iTunes "loses" all the ratings and playlists during the transfer - unless you consolidate the library BEFORE you transfer your music.  Of course I didn't discover that until AFTER I'd transferred everything did I?  But it was a fairly simple task to reconstruct the playlists and the ratings and play counts aren't important.
All in all I am happy with my new toy.  I am even coming to terms with Windows 7, and it has a couple of features I actually like!

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