Monday, September 12, 2011

New Laptop

Just bought myself a new laptop – have to pick it up when we go into town on Friday, because I didn’t have enough in the account to pay for it today – needed to transfer some money so I’ve paid a deposit and will pay the rest on Friday.  Bummer having to wait, but something to look forward to!  It is an Asus 13.5″ – very light but with more grunt than my current laptop.  No numeric keypad, but as I never use that it isn’t a problem.  Has up to 10 hours of battery life because of the smaller screen and newer processor.  The reviews I’ve seen on the net seem to indicate it was a good choice.  I was tossing up between the Asus and a Toshiba 15″ with even more memory, and a numeric keypad, but only 2.5 hours battery life.  It was $100 cheaper.  Both have the USB ports at the front of the sides, like my current one, which is a bit of a bummer.  Also looked at an HP, which had USB ports at the rear of the sides, but I’m not really keen on HP.
It does have Windows 7 – the good thing about that is that I will get to know it so I can help Bill when he says why is my computer doing this, that or the other.  The bad thing is that my experience with Windows 7 on Bill’s computer has been somewhat frustrating to date.  I’ll soon find out whether I adapt to it quickly or not.

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