Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello World!

Well, I’ve really been taken in by this blogging business. This is my fourth Blog. I’ve decided to give WordPress a go, as I have heard so much about it. My other Blogs are in Blogger, and I do like using it. I’ll see which I prefer over time.
(Update: I've decided I don't like WordPress, so I am transferring everything over to Blogger - 12th September 2011)

I’ve sort of been keeping a blog via email to keep friends and family updated re my journey with my cancer treatment. I have always been one to keep journals – although not consistently. I wrote a journal for Susan from the time she was born, and gave it to her on her 21st birthday. I wrote a journal in the Bicentennial year, and for several years after my first husband died I kept a journal – probably my most regular one.

This Blog will be about everyday happenings – sort of like a diary of events, feelings, thoughts etc.

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