Sunday, October 2, 2011

How the Internet has Impacted on my Learning - Teacher 2.0

Think about or write down how the Internet has impacted your own personal learning.
  • What sites do you go to regularly to learn new things?
  • Are there authors or sites that you "follow?"
  • When does the Internet or the Web help your learning, and when does it distract from good learning for you?
  • How do you feel about technology and learning?
I have learnt so much, in so many areas, thanks to the Internet.  I couldn't possibly begin to list the various areas in which my knowledge has been extended thanks to the Internet. Biggest area I suppose has been Web 2.0 in itself, but all things tehnological really.  And of course my family history research has been majorly impacted by the Internet.  Google has become my best friend - whenever I want to know something I "Google it!"
I don't really have regular sites I go to to find learn new things - I Google, and go to numerous sites suggested.  I do have an extensive list of bookmarks, but they are generally related to a specific purpose.  The sites that I constantly revisit, say for family history, my own blogs, FB etc. I keep listed in Google Bookmarks on my iGoogle page so that I can easily access them.
The Internet ALWAYS helps my learning - even when I find myself surfing from site to site I am always learning something new - even if it might not exactly be on track.  I LOVE using the Internet to extend my knowledge.  I've always considered myself a life-long learner, and the internet and associated technology, whilst a learning experience in themselves, have assisted that process to a huge extent.  I jst wish it was more prevalent, and that I knew as much about it as I do now, when I was actively involved in the classroom.

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