Thursday, November 24, 2011

Feeling Bored

Oh how I wish I didn't feel so bored.  My day begins with breakfast and the first pile of pills for the day.  I no sooner finish than I drag out the laptop to check my emails, my FaceBook and maybe have a look at my blogs.  This doesn't take a lot of time, so then I start playing Solitaire.  Some days that is all I seem to do.  I much prefer the days when we are going to do something, even if it is only a medical appointment of some sort.  Monday the Home Help lady comes, but that doesn't really impact on my routine.  Tuesdays have been mostly free, although I have my appointment with John every third Tuesday.  Now I will fill some Tuesdays in with a visit to the physiotherapist in Lakes Entrance, and combine that with a visit to Mum and Jim.  Wednesdays I have the District Nurse come, so that provides a bit of variety.  Thursdays are free unless I have some other appointment to keep and Fridays I have to get blood tests every third Friday.  Once a month Bill has to se Dr. Joshi for his INR reading, so that is another day out unless his appointment happens to be at a time when I have to be at home for the Home Help or the District Nurses.
I love doing things on my computer, always have done, but now I feel there's no real point to it.  I keep up with what Junita is doing in the world of e-learning.  I feel proud that I started her off on her e-learning journey, but I have to admit to being jealous that she is so involved with the e-leaders in education, because I would love to be in her place.  But I also know that if I was still working I would have had to pass over much of what she is doing because my real role was managing all training, not just e-learning.
I am enjoying keeping my blogs up to date, but I'm a bit disappointed that although my trackers tell me that people from all over are reading some of them, I've only had one comment from a reader, and no-one has actually 'joined' any of my blogs so I'm obviously not that interesting.
I am also enjoying my family history still, and still find new things every so often.  I have fits and starts on both Legacy and the wiki, sometimes I will enter data for hours at a time, other times I just can't be bothered.  I'm proud of my wiki, and just hope that fellow researchers get something out of it.  I dabble in Ancestry some days - but I find with that it is hard to keep my own data in line with what I find in Ancestry - partly because Ancestry always opens a new page over the page I have navigated from and I end up getting lost unless I manage to remember to open multiple instances of Ancestry, but then I get lost too, because all of the tab labels seem to be the same.