Friday, January 20, 2012

Bye Bye Camper Trailer

Maiden Voyage - Dargo
Camper Trailer at Shadrack's
At the beginning of 2008 we purchased a camper trailer so we could go camping in a bit of comfort - bed with a nice mattress and off the ground!  We took it to Dargo for a try out, and the first real adventure with it was going to be a trip to SA in June.  Sadly the night before we were due to leave on our SA holiday I was diagnosed with the secondary breast cancer, so that put paid to that holiday.  Instead we went to Eden just before I started my first chemo treatment, after I had had my scans and ultrasound and seen John Scarlett.
We stayed at Shadrack's Creek Caravan Park.
Set up at Cape Conran
Set up at Fountain Park in Eden

We have also taken the trailer to Fountain Caravan Park at Eden and to Cape Conran.
Due to the fact that I needed a bit more comfort when we went away, we then decided to buy another caravan instead, newer than the one we had, and a pop-top.  So the camper trailer spent many months just sitting in the carport taking up space - so we decided to sell it.
Mark had someone at work who was interested, but that didn't eventuate.  We also offered it to Karen and Rick but they didn't take us up on the offer.  Then, when Mark went back home after New Year he rang to say that Janine's parents, Carmel and Barry, were interested in buying it and the deal was done.  We took it up to Bendigo last Saturday, and stayed there for a few days, returning yesterday.

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