Thursday, May 3, 2012

Feeling Sad

Sometimes one has to ask why God takes the good ones.  Yesterday I heard some very sad news - Rick Lightowler died on Monday.  Who is Rick Lightowler you may ask?  Rick was one of the wonderful nurses in Casualty, who tended to me many times over the three years when I was a regular visitor.  He was a man of humour, excellent nursing skills, he cared, and helped make some pretty awful times more bearable.  I'll never forget his "Your neutrophils are in your boots darl!"  Everyone was mate or darl to Rick.  He was only 45 years old, and leaves a wife and two children.  They will miss him dreadfully, but so will the many patients who make their way to Casualty at Bairnsdale Regional Health Services.
Those who have been to Casualty perhaps once or twice may never even have come across him so they will never know what they are missing.  But there must be others like me who have been there many times who will have experienced his care.  I'm not saying the other nurses aren't just as wonderful and caring, but Rick really did stand out.
Rick was a rough diamond - but he was a caring, genuine human being.  A real character. It's been over 12 months since I've had to go to Casualty (thankfully) so we hadn't known he was even sick.  So it came as a huge shock when I was told yesterday that he had died.
Rest In Peace mate!  God really does take the best - if only we could fathom why!

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