Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

9:30 fireworks - Lakes Entrance 2011
Well, we saw the New Year in at Lakes Entrance as usual.  I felt so much better this year than I did last year.  There was no point where I wished the evening was over so we could go home.  I even walked from the caravan park, where Mark and Janine are staying, down to the foreshore.  Bill had a sausage and onion for tea, I had proffertjes (Dutch pancakes) with lemon and sugar.  We met up with Mark and Janine - Brittany and her friend Danielle were left to their own devices.  Oakley and Mitchell were with Mark and Janine.  We saw the fireworks at 9:30, after which the others all went back to the caravan park.  The fireworks were lovely as usual.  We went for a walk to get a coffee and some cold chips - should have taken the chips back and insisted on hot ones, but we just ate them.  It didn't seem too long before it was time for the midnight display.  This went for nearly 15 minutes and was very good.  The finale was especially spectacular. I even walked back to the car at the conclusion.  I felt so much better than last year!
Video of part of the 9:30 display.

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