Friday, January 20, 2012

New Lounge Suite

Just before Christmas Bill announced that he thought we should look at a new lounge suite because the one we had was starting to look tired and he thought the couch was starting to sag in the middle - no doubt because he spends a lot of time lying on it  I agreed, mainly because I felt it was looking grubby.  When we bought it I really wanted the apricot colour that it was - Bill went crook at me for buying it.  Over time I had come to regret my choice, just because it was so hard to try to keep clean.  Other than that the suite was in excellent condition.  We looked at several in Bairnsdale, including a deep burgundy Lazy-Boy.  Most suites had 'trigger' action recliners which I find very difficult to lower - well, lowering the footrest is OK, but locking it into position is almost impossible.  And we know from Mark and Janine's suite that it doesn't get any easier over time.  The lever action recliners seem to be limited to Lazy-Boy.  Our biggest problem was that we had to get rid of the current suite before we could buy a new one -and if the old one took a long time to sell (or didn't sell at all because potential buyers thought it was too grubby, despite being a sound leasther suite) we might miss out on the good price for the new one, or find we had to wait weeks for delivery. Last week we had to go to Morelli's Furniture in Sale to pick up a copy of the invoice for our TV (thereby hangs another tale) and while we were there we looked at their suites.  The only ones with lever action recliners were Lazy-Boy, but the cheapest suite they had was going to be over $5000.  Then we saw a suite with electric recliners - ideal, just a pity the cords will have to go across the floor.  We could have a choice of pale grey (no thank you) or chocolate brown (yes, please).  Anyway, we decided we'd buy it - the clincher was that Morelli's would give us $100 trade-in on our old suite and take it away, and deliver the new one free of charge!  $100 wasn't much of a trade-in, but it meant no hassle for us.  They'll have to clean it upbefore they can sell it, and I wouldn't like to have to try that. There is also the patch where the colour of the leather has worn away, although you can't see that unless you part the cushions on the couch.  The salesman offered to deliver it that day, as the truck was being loaded for our area as we spoke.  But I knew Bill had a lot to do to get the campervan ready to take to Carmel and Barry (yes, another tale) so we said leave it until the next trip.  That would normally have been a fortnight away.  Anyway we went off to Bendigo for five days, arriving home again last night.  This morning we had to go in to Bairnsdale for blood tests and while we were having a coffee with Susan we got a phone call to ask if we were still good to have the lounge suite delivered today!  I told Mark, the salesman that we hadn't had a phone call to say it would be today, but that it wasn't a problem because they hadn't left Sale yet and we would get home before they arrived.  Got home in time to hurriedly clear things off the walkway etc. so they could get the old suite out, and the new one in.
We had bought the old one from Morelli's in 2002 when I first had my chemo.  Nick Morelli even said he remembered the suite, and thought it had worn well, despite the grubbiness.  The leather was still in excellent condition.
It looks good, and is very comfortable.  Both of the chairs are recliners, and the end seats on the couch are also recliners.  We won't always have them all plugged in though, so there are less wires on the floor.  My chair is now beside the window, with shelves to the left of me, and drawers to the right, then a gap to the sliding door, then the couch on an angle, then the second chair.  We will try to sell the green recliner that I have been using, and which came from Mum and Jim when they moved and didn't have room for it.

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