Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Understanding the Personal Web Presence - Teacher 2.0

Home page of my family history wiki
I do have a personal web presence, but not in the sense of it being used to develop a professional presence.  I am retired from the world of education, so I don't need a PWP for professional reasons.  I wish I knew about the concept when I was still working as I can see they have enormous benefits.  My PWP is definitely of the personal kind - I have four blogs and a wikispace.  One blog is current jottings about me today - my responses to Teacher 2.0 Challenges are documented here.  One blog is a record of the short holidays my husband keeps taking me on to relieve the monotony of doctor's appointments.  One is a record of interesting discoveries made on my ancestor search.  The fourth is my memories from childhood to the present day.  My wiki is the publication of my family history research so that it can easily be shared with other family members.

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