Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trauma Teddies

About three years ago I wanted to do some simple knitting to try to keep my tingly fingers opertive.  At the same time my daughter volunteered to dress as a Trauma Teddy for the launch of Red Cross Calling month.  I spoke the the ladies from Red Cross, and got myself a pattern for the Trauma Teddies.  These are simple little bears made and donated to be given (mainly to children) when they are in an ambulance, in Emergency Departments, involved in any traumatic experience.
I wish I had kept count of how many I've actually made - but it has to be over 100 in the first year and a bit.  Then I slacked off a bit, and didn't get so many made.  Now I'm on a roll again, and have currently done about 20.
The first bears went to Red Cross, then some were hijacked for the Oncology Unit at the hospital - they became "Dammit Bears" - used to thump on a bench when things are getting you down.  More for the Red Cross, but now I am doing them for Melon's Cottage in Lakes Entrance.  As can be seen from the press release (see link) the cottage provides respite holidays for families with seriously ill children.  Each child staying at the cottage is given a goodie bag, with, among other things, a bear or toy inside.  The latest bears I have been making have red and green clothes - just in time for Christmas.  I've got three completed, and a fourth almost ready to go, so this afternoon I'll take them over to Mum's so she can deliver them this week.

Pattern is simple: (I actually modified it just a little.)
Knit in either three colours, or make a single colour.
Cast on 12 stitches in leg colour.  Knit 34 rows.
Change colour to pants colour.  Knit 8 rows.
Leave stitches on needle.
Cast on 12 stitches in leg colour.  Knit 34 rows.
Change to pants colour.  Knit 8 rows.
Knit across all stitches (24 stitches) for 14 rows.
Change to jumper colour.
Knit 18 rows.
Increase 12 stitches at beginning of next two rows.
Knit 16 rows.
Cast off 12 stitches at beginning of next two rows.
Change to head colour.
Knit 36 rows.
Cast off.
Make paws.
Pick up 10 stitches across arms.
Knit 4 rows.
Decrease 1 stitch each end of next row.
Knit 1 row.
Repeat. (6 stitches)
Cast off.

Stitch back and front together.  Stuff with polyester stuffing.
Thread double strand of wool around head to form neck.
Pinch across corners of head to make ears - stitch.

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