Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Year Over

Well, it is the 31st December - another year has flown by.  I guess when your life is measured in three week blocks that is bound to happen.
Overall this has been a good year.  Once I got over the horrible side-effects of the slightly higher dose of Xeloda I began to feel quite good.  From about September on I have felt the best I have done for three and a half years.  That was marred somewhat by my sore shoulder/arm - but now that seems to be on the improve also, thanks to a combination of Patrick the chiropractor, Naveen Joshi for the only painkillers that had any effect (Endep) and which also seem to have helped enormously with sleeping, and Alpa the physiotherapist.  I am eating better, to the extent that I have put back some of the weight I lost over the past couple of years.  Bill thinks that's a good thing, I wish it had stayed off.
Tonight we wil go over to Lakes Entrance for the fireworks.  We'll see Mark and Janine and the kids for at least the 9:30 display, but will probably stay on the foreshore by ourselves for the midnight display as we have done in past years.
2010 fireworks at Lakes Entrance
Farewell 2011!

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